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Daniel chocolates are made with: 



There is nothing comparable to fresh and natural ingredients like whipping cream and butter.  By using high quality natural ingredients, Daniel’s chocolates taste rich and flavorful without the need of artificial flavor additives.  Your will never find preservatives, artificial flavorings and hydrogenated or tropical fats in our recipes.    


The majority of Daniel’s chocolates are shell-molded because it is the traditional process practiced in Belgium.  Although shell-molding process involves more steps and time to complete than the common enrobing method, the elegant and symmetrical finish is well worth the effort. 

Here are some of the chocolates we typically have in stock:

Rose on Stem

Each rose is wrapped is a gourgeous foil and tied with elegant ribbon



Chai Vanilla Truffle Tray

Exotic Chai Vanilla and Delicate Lemon or Favourite Amaretto truffles.


Salish Smoked
Sea Salt Tray

Our Marzipan, praline snail and verdi are found in a simple yet attractive packaging


Sea Salt Caramel

Sea Salt Caramels by Daniel include 16 dark chocolates with five different types of sea salt



Signature Pencil Box
(5 Hedgehogs)              

Signature pencil box with 5 mixed hedgehogs



Signature Pencil Box
(9 Assorted)            

Signature pencil box with 9 assorted chocolates



Thank You Package 8(B)

Fun package of 8 chocolettes with the "Thank you" wrapper


Thank You Box 24(D)

One chocolate for every business day of the month, plus a few extra for those especially sweet days


Classique Petite 20 / Classique Grande 36

Each Classique Box contains a wealth of hand-made chocolates intermingled with some of our most popular hand-dipped creations. Creamy butter centers are delicately flavoured with real coffee, orange, lemon, and other favourites and chocolate ganache is created with only the finest Belgian chocolate and fresh whipping cream for added silkiness

Classique 20 - $22.50 / Classique 36 - $40.50

Signature Ballotin Box

Savour the hand-packed indulgences nestled inside our instantly recognizable Ballotin boxes. Tantalizing assortments of our very best chocolates, where delicately flavoured centers are wrapped in the embrace of milk, dark, or white chocolate. Something for everyone to love, in pre-packaged gift sizes to please everyone, too.

Ballotin Box 18 - $20.50 / Ballotin Box 27 - $29.50

No Sugar Added

20 Milk and Dark Chocolates (brandy, orange, amaretto and hazelnut fillings)



Ice Wine Truffle

Frozen grapes turned wine now turned chocolate. 16 exquisite truffles



*** Please note that we also carry occasional chocolates during special seasons such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas and more. Please check with us for avilabilities when ordering or simply visit us during business hours.